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Progress LT Tames the Beast

Progress LT tames the Trackhawk

Jeep Trackhawk. It’s a beast of an SUV. 5300 pounds steel and 700 horses of Hellcat power. That’s lot of vehicle to manage and control. Jeep provided an AWD platform and Sport-mode but that may not be enough for everyone. So the Progress engineers stepped up and provided another tool to minimize the body roll and better control all that supercharged torque. Add a very stout Progress LT 35mm tubular Rear Sway bar and low-deflection poly bushings; you’ll feel the difference immediately! This sway bar upgrade delivers all the time, during a crowded commute or hammering down a wide-open canyon carver.

Some feedback from a Trackhawk expert:
“There’s no more of that floaty feeling of fighting the body roll while cornering, and now the Jeep maneuvers more like I expect it to. It’s like a Sport-mode upgrade for your suspension.”

Josh W. Longbeard
High Horse Performance, Inc.

  • Progress LT 35mm (1.38”) tubular alloy rear sway bar with machined ends
  • Low-deflection polyurethane bushings
  • HD bushing brackets, 4.8mm (.188”) thick
  • Steel bushing sub-plates
  • Synthetic bushing grease
  • Zip ties for the e-brake cables
  • Designed for use with OEM end links
#22.1701.000 (gray powder coating)
#22.1702.000 (yellow powder coating)